Dr. Debra Katz Orthodontist Jerusalem 19 Washington Street, Jerusalem
Telephone: +972-2-624-8655
  Dr. Katz Jerusalem Orthodontist

At Dr. Debra Katz's orthodontic practice professionalism is a given.

We've discovered that it is rather refreshing to be treated like a grown-up. We know you understand the importance of regular dental care, but we respect that you have other priorities too. Above and beyond mandated professional standards you need:
  • To be informed
  • To have your questions answered
  • To stay on schedule
  • To feel your time is not being wasted
  • To feel comfortable with your Doctor
  • To have access to your Doctor in an emergency
  • To know that your Doctor's office is as concerned about your health and safety as you are

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Dr. Katz provides for all these needs and maintains a professionalism that makes
orthodontic care accessible to busy people of all ages.